Monday, 1 July 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours

My Miracle Foundation  

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours


I have been using Rimmel make up since the tender age of 11, when my interest in make up first started. My mum was always made up and had a lovely chest of make up which I would look at and try on when no one was looking. This progressed to me saving my pocket money and buying my own, admittedly  this included purple mascara and bright red lipstick, not what your mother wants you wearing at 11, but as she would tell you I'm very determined ! Enough nostalgia, on to the review!

Rimmel lasting finish is my absolute favourite for day to day wear, it is affordable and gives excellent coverage.
My skin is very congested and I suffer with breakouts quite regularly so it's important for me even in the day to have excellent coverage and that, it does deliver.

Morning break out !


It glides on and blends in beautifully for full coverage. It is lightweight and leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day. I have combination skin that is fairly oily in places therefore it can be difficult to find a foundation that lasts. It claims to last 25 hours, this is not realistic it lasts me a good 10 hours which I still think is amazing. It may last longer on other skin types.
Rimmels lasting finish comes in 6 shades I think it's a shame that they haven't expanded the colour 
range as I'm sure 6 shades does not cover all . 

Ready for work 

I'm so pleased to have found this foundation and thought I would share .


  1. Looking good! Now you will next have to share about that lovely sheer color on your lips. Pretty pretty!

  2. That is awesome

  3. That's what I use and I love it - used so many different ones over the years but since using this one I have stuck

    1. I'm pleased so many agree ! It is fantastic and the coverage is amazing

  4. amazing review, great swatches and photo's:-) x