Monday, 8 July 2013

The Flamboya Tree

The Flamboya tree...

This book inspired and touched my heart so much that I just have to tell you about it.
It was given to me by my aunt to read, it is a memoir of Clara Olink Kelly and her family's struggle as well as courage in the little talked about concentration camps in Java, which the Japanese invaded in World War Two.

Clara, then a four-year old girl, relives and tells the memories of the struggles and survival she and her family encountered under the capture of the Japanese . The harsh inhuman living conditions they were to endure for the duration of the war. She explains the appalling lack of food, consisting of just one bowl of rice a day and the sheer brutality of the camp.

But what really touched my heart was the courage, sacrifice and pure determination of their mother.
She was their backbone and the reason they survived. A testimony to mothers love at its greatest.

I highly recommend this book.


  1. Never heard of it, but it sounds good. Thanks for sharing!