Monday, 2 May 2016

Less Judging. More Teaching.

Less Judgement. More Teaching.

I saw a post this morning that really upset me, it was of a 16 year old girl at her prom. The photo had been shared all over the Internet. Comments that she shouldn't have gone to her prom, she is ugly , she looks hideous .... You get the picture.

She is very overweight and obviously this would have an impact on her health BUT what kind of world do we live in when we make fun of a 16 year old girl for going to her own prom because of the way she looks? As parents we could all make the world a less judgemental place and reduce the amount of bullying going on in schools starting in our own home.

As a parent I always take the time to point out to my children how we should always be kind to others and not make fun of them. How a comment about someones weight or the way they look can upset them on the inside, a scar that cannot be seen and that will not fade for many years. We have simple conversations about race, gender, weight, sexuality, adoption, disabilities and many more topics that children often bully others about because they either don't understand how their words impact others or have never been taught that normal extends beyond what they are used to seeing on a day to day basis or the situation they find themselves in.

If you would like to see less bullying, perhaps ask yourself have you basically covered all these subjects with your children? Have you explained how scars are formed on the inside and cannot be seen?

We can all make the world a less judgemental place one child at a time. 💕💕

I love reading every single comment ! And will get back to everyone Xxx